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Photographers: 5 Things You Can Do NOW To Book More Weddings!

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Hi There! As a full time wedding photographer, I know it can be a challenge and really stressful to locate and book your target client. Vlad, of Radion Photography, and I have written up a list we know will give you a boost and inspire you to try something different with your approach to business....reach out and book that amazing wedding client!

1. Step-up your photography social media game  If you haven't been strategically planning your Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest posts, and utilizing them fully (especially the visual worlds of IG and Pinterest) start today. Bring in your audience with hashtags that are 5K or a bit less (on IG),  and direct potential brides to your site using an Organic Pin with your URL as the source (for Pinterest). Plus, don't just post,  but socialize in the most genuine way. Most photographers just post, waiting for clients to notice. Connect with your potential clients so that they can get to know you on a more of a personal level.  

2. Stop hesitating and get in front of your camera  This can be an intimidating path for many photographers, as we’re comfortable staying BEHIND the camera. But sharing images with your audience about you, your work, and BTS moments, will help them understand you and your vision. It’s key to your branding, and clients want to know whom they’re hiring for their wedding day.  

3. Connect with other wedding vendors and network Reach out, email, or DM wedding vendors that work similarly to you or have a style you appreciate. Other vendors are key to networking about jobs and referring for events, run concerns and questions by, and they'll understand your business more than most. 

4. Get online and do some research to figure out your target wedding client.   How in the world are you supposed to target your ideal client if you have no idea who they are? What are they interested in, glam weddings or adventure elopements? What demographic is your ideal client? Knowing some of these things will help you focus your marketing to who you'd like to work with.

…which will help you to:  5. Create content your wedding clients want to see  If you’re posting images that potential clients relate to, they’ll be more likely to visualize themselves “in” your work. The key is having content out there that catches their interest and speaks just to them. Plus, it’ll help them know what style of photography to expect when they book you.

We'll have MANY more wedding photography tips, along with incredibly talented speakers, at the upcoming BREAKING BASIC WORKSHOP in downtown Boise, Idaho, on October 2, 2019!

You want to make a living doing what you love, and sometimes it's hard to get the ball rolling. Maybe you're scared to make that leap to full time? We've been there and we get you! If you're ready to make your dreams into reality and become a full-time wedding photographer, we're here to walk you through. 

Stay tuned for more business secrets that will empower your photography business and your brand, from Vlad and me, and the Breaking Basic Workshop!

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