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How I Feel - Late Night Photo Editing / Boise Wedding Photographer

Like a lot of people who love what they do (especially artists) I get so lost in my wedding photo editing that time literally flies away...especially when I'm editing the wedding of a truly happy couple. : ) Sometimes when I'm on multi-tasking overload, I stand up and hang my head and shake the tension from my body down through my fingers. I think I channeled myself into this post of my Breaking Basic Photography Workshop model, imitating life. : )

Boise model: Katlyn with sheer overlay dress from Forever 21, hair by Annie Ernst of Graeber's Salon, Boise, Idaho, and makeup by Gabrielle Marcantonio of Boise, Idaho, all photographer in Meridian at Coffee Paint Repeat.

Need help with attaining LESS STRESS and still push towards being a full time wedding photographer? Join us at the Breaking Basic Photography Workshop, coming Oct 2nd, to downtown Boise! Amazing speakers, fabulous luncheon by Richard's of Boise, and afternoon photo excursion to a private, Mediterranea-style home, with styled models, makeup and hair vendors on site for Q & A!



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