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5+ Unique Photo Locations in Boise for Engagements and Portraits

Updated: Jan 31

Searching for a new place in Boise for your photoshoot that hasn’t been overused and overrun with people and photographers? Look no further!

I've curated a list of five unique, less-populated locations where I've personally photographed to inspire you (plus, a different approach to a popular location)!

Note that each location is worth scouting beforehand at different times of the day, to find the best light for your subject. Some are open to the public, while others require a fee. 

Feel free to message me with any additional input or questions!


Restaurant in Downtown Boise

Restaurant locations can be perfect for intimate portraits, engagement sessions, and weddings. Boise’s eclectic The Lively, with it’s stylish vibe, is great for anyone wanting a location with personality, and they currently rent their space during non-business hours to photographers. Contact them for current rates. For larger events or photoshoots, you can also schedule a pre-session tour. 


#2 Old Idaho Penitentiary

At first you might think, wait..what? But go scout the Old Idaho Penitentiary in the early morning during the warmer weather and you’ll see it with a new perspective. The garden areas are lovely and the exterior and interior of the two main cellblocks are colorful and have beautiful natural light for portraits. They charge a photographer fee starting at $25 for sessions.


#3 SNOW Block in The North End

It’s a residential alley that’s Slightly North Of Washington (Washington Elementary School) and between 15th & 16th in Boise's North End. It’s a short walk through a sweet community space with trellises, little nooks, and a SNOW Block mural. Winter probably has Christmas lights, but my favorite time is to go during the summer when it's green and lush.

And while you’re in Boise’s North End…


#4 The North End

Sidewalks and tree tunnels in the Spring, Summer and Fall

This option would take some location scouting ahead of time. The streets throughout the historical North End have beautiful blooming trees in the Spring that often arch over the sidewalks, making colorful backdrops. Summer trees create full sidewalk-tunnels and in the Fall the small parks (like Elm Grove Park) and the neighborhood sidewalks have vibrant color. Hyde Park District area is already popular for photography, but if you've never been there, it's worth a visit!


#5 Downtown Boise

on Broad Street between 5th and 6th 

This area is Boise's Central Addition. The front of the Fowler Building and its side streets are new-ish, have options for texture, and the buildings offer large, neutral backdrops. The best spot is the alley between The Fowler Building and Boise Brewing where there’s a dark, metal wall that’s perfect for a morning or evening backdrop!

A convenient thing about this location is that it's within walking distance of the Grove Hotel, so it's perfect for weddings and guests staying there.


#6 BONUS Breezeway between The Grove Hotel and the parking garage on Capitol Blvd

If you haven't noticed the giant breezeway between Boise's Grove Hotel and the parking garage on Capitol Blvd, it's covered in giant murals that make it convenient for Grove Hotel wedding portraits or just when you're photographing downtown.


#7 ANOTHER BONUS - Camels Back Park hilltop at sunrise

This is a popular Boise park that deserves a mention for its

uniqueness as a sunrise location

Camel's Back Park is super popular and a beautiful place to photograph in the summer evenings, but I think it takes on a east-coastal vibe in the early mornings. An easy path to the top starts at the trailhead sign, on the right side of the hill, past the tennis courts. It's a little hidden so it may take some time to find!



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